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Book giveaway — 2 signed copies of Beyond the Trail

August 2, 2013

BTTI’m in a pretty good mood today—my shape-shifter short story collection, Natural Family Disasters, is out and selling well, I sent off my novel True Nature to the content editor yesterday, and my new website should be up soon. 

To celebrate all of that, I thought I would give away two free signed paperback copies of my other anthology, Beyond the Trail.

Beyond the Trail includes six short stories that give us glimpses into the lives of Luke, Nora, and the other characters from Backwards to Oregon.

  • The Blue Hour: When her mother dies, twelve-year-old Lucinda Hamilton decides to start a new life—as a boy.
  • Grasping at Straws: No one knows that Tess Swenson, madam of a brothel, also owns a livery stable and a number of other businesses. On one of her secret inspections, she makes a surprising discovery.
  • A Rooster’s Job: The Hamiltons hoped to build a home in the idyllic Willamette Valley with mild winters, but now they’re snowed in and their rooster isn’t doing such a great job either.
  • The Art of Pretending: Tess finds out that someone is stealing her money. She suspects Frankie, a woman who reminds her of Luke. But nothing is as it seems.
  • The Christmas Oak: Luke sets out to bring home a Christmas tree—but she finds something else.
  • Swept Away: The greatest flood in the history of Oregon sweeps away houses, barns, and animals in the Willamette Valley. At the same time, fourteen-year-old Amy is swept away by her feelings for her best friend.

The enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 5, so check back then to see if you won.

Good luck, and have a nice weekend.



Backwards to Oregon as a paperback

April 24, 2013

BTO Back

Backwards to Oregon1The revised and expanded edition of Backwards to Oregon is now available as a paperback. I really like the background the designer created for the backcover. If you click on it, you’ll see that it’s actually a map of the Oregon Territory.

If you’d like to order your copy, head over to Amazon. Or even better, go to my publisher’s blog. Ylva Publishing is running a giveaway for many e-books and some paperbacks, also including a signed copy of Backwards to Oregon. If you leave a comment on Ylva’s blog before midnight, you’ll be included in the drawing.

Good luck!


Backwards to Oregon — new release and giveaway

April 7, 2013

Backwards to Oregon1Backwards to Oregon was an important milestone in my personal journey as a writer. It was the first original novel that I wrote in English. When it became the “story of the year” on The Athenaeum in 2007, I received hundreds of e-mails with feedback from readers. With that kind of encouragement, I took the first tentative steps toward publication. Even though I had written other novels before, Backwards to Oregon was the first book I published. I will never forget how it felt to hold a copy of it in my hands for the first time.

So it’s no wonder that Backwards to Oregon still holds a special place in my heart. It seems Luke and Nora’s story resonated with readers too. To this day, many readers write to tell me that Backwards to Oregon is one of their favorite novels.

When I switched publishers in 2012, I started to reread my old novels to prepare them for republication. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to republish Backwards to Oregon as it was. While I still love the characters and think Backwards to Oregon holds a story worth telling, I found many little—and not so little—things that needed to be changed. I have a lot more experience than I had six years ago and, hopefully, fewer bad habits.

I also added four or five new scenes that were missing in the first edition and that give us more insight into the characters.

So after many months of rewriting, revising, and editing, Backwards to Oregon once again represents an important milestone: it’s the first of my earlier novels republished by Ylva Publishing.

We added one of the “Oregon” short stories, A Rooster’s Job, to the book to give readers a glance into the Hamiltons’ lives after the end of Backwards to Oregon.

The other stories (Grasping at Straws, The Blue Hour, A Rooster’s Job, The Christmas Oak, and The Art of Pretending), along with Swept Away, a new short story about the Hamiltons, will soon be published in an anthology titled Beyond the Trail.

Backwards to Oregon is now available through Smashwords and through Amazon, and it will soon be available from many other online bookstores and as a paperback.

My publisher, Ylva Publishing, is giving away a free e-book of Backwards to Oregon. Head over to Ylva’s blog to participate in the giveaway.

I hope you enjoy the revised and expanded edition.



“Goldie” short list

April 13, 2010

The GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) is beginning to post the short lists for the 2010 “Goldie” awards. Not all categories are up, but Second Nature (speculative fiction) and Backwards to Oregon (historical romance) are both on the short list for their category.

Congrats to all other authors whose novels were shortlisted.


Review of Backwards to Oregon

March 28, 2010

Just a short update to let you know that Rainbow Reviews reviewed Backwards to Oregon and gave it five stars.

It’s always interesting to see whether readers and reviewers see Luke more as a man or a woman. Maybe it’s because I discovered more of her layers in the sequel, Hidden Truths, but I definitely see her as a woman. How about you?

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