Book giveaway — 2 signed copies of Beyond the Trail

August 2, 2013

BTTI’m in a pretty good mood today—my shape-shifter short story collection, Natural Family Disasters, is out and selling well, I sent off my novel True Nature to the content editor yesterday, and my new website should be up soon. 

To celebrate all of that, I thought I would give away two free signed paperback copies of my other anthology, Beyond the Trail.

Beyond the Trail includes six short stories that give us glimpses into the lives of Luke, Nora, and the other characters from Backwards to Oregon.

  • The Blue Hour: When her mother dies, twelve-year-old Lucinda Hamilton decides to start a new life—as a boy.
  • Grasping at Straws: No one knows that Tess Swenson, madam of a brothel, also owns a livery stable and a number of other businesses. On one of her secret inspections, she makes a surprising discovery.
  • A Rooster’s Job: The Hamiltons hoped to build a home in the idyllic Willamette Valley with mild winters, but now they’re snowed in and their rooster isn’t doing such a great job either.
  • The Art of Pretending: Tess finds out that someone is stealing her money. She suspects Frankie, a woman who reminds her of Luke. But nothing is as it seems.
  • The Christmas Oak: Luke sets out to bring home a Christmas tree—but she finds something else.
  • Swept Away: The greatest flood in the history of Oregon sweeps away houses, barns, and animals in the Willamette Valley. At the same time, fourteen-year-old Amy is swept away by her feelings for her best friend.

The enter the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 5, so check back then to see if you won.

Good luck, and have a nice weekend.




  1. Sounds great!

  2. all these background stories sound great. Loving all the evident care you give to world building, Jae!

    • Hi, Lara. Is it too late or too soon to say “happy birthday”? (Not sure which day it is exactly).

  3. It’s 7:30 am August 2 here in Florida, so it’s just starting for me. Although as usual, I’ve already been up for 2 hrs getting my day started. I’m sitting here reading and writing and enjoying a cup of tea.

    • Happy birthday, then. (We Germans are a bit superstitious about saying happy birthday before the actual birthday). If you e-mail me your address, I’ll send you a copy of Beyond the Trail as a birthday present and leave the other two copies for other readers to win.

      • I understand the sentiment. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jae! Love your books so sign me up. Thanks. Laurie

  5. Dear jae, I have loved your book of short stories, Beyond The Trail, but only own in in ebook….I would absolutely love to have a print copy autographed by you. Someday, I would like to meet you in person and get one of your print copies autographed….Something in the Wine, Beyond the Trail, whatever. You are one of my favorite authors and I read your books as a lovely escape, but also to teach me to write! You are awesome. Have a great day!

    • Will you attend the GCLS con next year in Portland? I will be there, and I’m looking forward to it.

  6. i love your books,especially “backwards to oregon” and “hidden truths”
    i’m not participating since i already have “beyond the trail”but i just wanted to let you know how much i like them

  7. is it possible to order “second nature”,the new version, in paperback?

    • The paperback of Second Nature isn’t out yet, but it will be very soon. If you follow my blog or that of my publisher (http://ylvapublishing.wordpress.com/), you won’t miss it.

  8. I love your books and am buying the revised versions as well as the originals so that I can immerse myself in my favourite characters all over again. Thanks for providing so much enjoyment. Any new book by you is a red letter day.

  9. Have a Great Weekend

  10. I so love this story and would be thrilled and honored to win a sighed copy.

  11. I love your stories and would be delighted to be included in this. Thanks. A

  12. Thank you for your generosity, Jae. I’d love to have a copy of your book.

  13. Oh man, I absolutely *must* give this a shot! One of yours I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet!

    Thank you for the opportunity, and have a great weekend!

  14. Jae, thank you for your generosity. While I have read the eBook version of this book, I would love a signed copy for a keepsake. Good luck to everyone.

  15. How exciting! Been looking forward to getting this.

  16. this looks like another good read…and thanks for offering this copy

  17. I love your books, the shapeshifter and Oregon series are all time favourites and on my re-read list. Thank you for writing them and for this wonderfully generous offer.

  18. I love all your books and am looking forward to reading this one.

  19. We have all of your e-books and would love to add them to our print collection. Your books are some of our favorites.

  20. I love this series. Your depth of research is wonderful.

  21. Sounds like fun, count me In!!!!

  22. I have all you books so I would love to add this one to the collection. Plus to have it signed would be wonderful.

  23. To be honest, I was already a lucky winner before as I have the new signed version of “backwards” (through your editor ‘birthday) but I wouldn’t mind winning a second time with this one 🙂

    And thanks for all the great stories !

  24. Your the best. Love your stories.

  25. I’d like to be turned on to your work, Jae. I hear great things about your story lines!

  26. I would love to win a signed copy of your work. I love your books and can’t wait to get some of the new versions and also for True Nature to come out! So excited for that one! I have to put the short stories around Second Nature on my must have list for this summer! Well, thanks again for the great offer and please, please, please keep up the great work!
    big hugs, kara

  27. Hi Jae,

    Ii very much enjoyed Backwards to Oregon. I look forward to reading Beyond The Trail. I would love to be in the drawing for a signed copy.

  28. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you! 🙂

  29. Backwards to Oregon is my favorite,so any additional stories about these characters are more than welcome.

  30. I loved Backwards to OR and hope to win a copy of your related short stories. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

  31. Either way, I am going to own this….having your autograph in it would to totally awesome. I can tell how much you care for the characters and the worlds you build. I also love that you did a lot of research to get the Backwards To Oregon so perfect with how things worked during that era. That must have been a daunting task. Things were so different, I would like to think that humanity has gotten better…but not so sure about that.

    Congratulations and I cannot wait to read this!!

  32. Count me in please, would love yo win an autographed book of yours!!

  33. I have enjoyed all of your books and look forward to reading this one.

  34. Please include me. I have loved reading all your books.

  35. Got a down day here in Afghanistan and saw this posted on FB. Thanks for writing such great stories, trust me, the worlds and times captured in books give us military service members a welcomed break!

  36. I recently read Second Nature and really liked it, as well as Something in the Wine. I’ve got Backwards to Oregon on my(very long) list to be read.

  37. I enjoyed Backwards to Oregon, additional stories about these characters would be nice. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free book.


  38. Hi Jae, I would to love the chance to win a signed paperback copy of Beyond The Trail for my collection. I have the original paperback versions of Backwards To Oregon, Hidden Truths, Second Nature and Something in the Wine already and all your revised editions are on my to buy soon list.

  39. Jae – I would love to win an autographed copy of Beyond The Trail. Please include me.

  40. Hey Jae I too would love the chance to win a signed copy of Beyond the Trail

  41. I would love to win a signed copy. I started reading Backwards to Oregon two days ago, and I’m nearly finished. Love it!

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