Writing time in October

October 31, 2012

October was an eventful month. I published two new books, one novel and one novella, with my new publisher, Ylva Publishing.

I started to mentor a writer in the GCLS mentoring program, and I counted that toward my beta reading time.

I also spent a lot of time on the train, which translated into a lot of writing time 🙂

So here are the numbers for October:

Writing Beta reading
January 47 hours 5 hours
February 31 hours 2 hours
March 36 hours 3 hours
April 12 hours 31 hours
May 51 hours 15 hours
June 36 hours 4 hours
July 51 hours 2 hours
August 5 hours 13 hours
September 50 hours 12 hours
October 53 hours 12 hours
TOTAL 372 hours 99 hours

Check back for November’s writing hours next month.



  1. Just got your two new books. Yippie!!!

    • Hi, Samantha,

      I hope you enjoy “Something in the Wine” and “Manhattan Moon”!

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