Writing time

June 30, 2012

At the beginning of this year, I thought it would be interesting to see how much time I spend writing and beta reading, so I started to keep track of my writing / beta reading time.

Now that the first half of the year is over, I took a look at the numbers.

Writing Beta reading
January 47 hours 5 hours
February 31 hours 2 hours
March 36 hours 3 hours
April 12 hours 31 hours
May 51 hours 15 hours
June 36 hours 4 hours
TOTAL 213 hours 60 hours

I was amazed to see how big the differences between some of the months are. On average, I spent 35.5 hours each month writing and 10 hours beta reading. Is that a lot? Very little? I have no idea, since I don’t have any other numbers to compare it to. But I think for someone who has a full-time job in addition to being a writer, I’m doing okay.

Obviously, the time spent beta reading takes away from my writing time, but I still don’t regret the time spent helping other writers with their manuscripts.

2/3 of my writing time is spent on the train. If it weren’t for the Deutsche Bahn (the German national railway company), it would probably take me two years to complete a novel. 😉

So is anyone else here a statistics freak and keeping track of the time spent writing?



  1. WOW, I for one think this is an enormous achievement Jae and while I am not a writer, I am a reader. Maybe us readers could keep stats on how many hours we read each month.

    • Thanks, Devlyn. I would be interested in your reading statistics.

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