Holiday Anthology

December 9, 2011

As a special thanks to our readers, L-Book has put together a free anthology of holiday short stories.

Some of the stories are mini-sequels or prequels to published stories, while others are new stories with new characters.

This year’s anthology also includes the stories from last year’s holiday anthology — all for free!

There are stories from Fran Heckrotte, RJ Nolan, Rrrose Carbinela, Helen Dunn, phair, Rae D. Magdon, Jeanine Hoffman, Al Hotchkin, and me.

In addition to my two stories from last year, you’ll find the brand-new story “The Christmas Grump” in the anthology.



  1. […] Jae posted a link to a free anthology of holiday stories. […]

  2. Jae, thank you so much for participating in the anthology of holiday stories. I support your publisher and its authors largely because of the support that is given to women like myself who cannot afford to purchase many books due to personal circumstances. It is thanks to authors like you, that I have something new to read this Christmas, so thank you!

    I really enjoy your Like and Nora stories – I am hoping that maybe there would be a further book in the series now Tess and Frankie have settled and there is a second generation on the Horse Farm. Hint, hint!!

    • I’m glad to hear that L-Book is helping to supply you with reading material. I loved it that my publisher gave away the anthology for free.

      Thanks for commenting and for letting me know you enjoyed the Luke & Nora stories. You never know what my muse will come up with in the future.

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Sorry for the spelling, it should be Luke and Nora, of course

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