Review — “Storms” by Gerri Hill

September 4, 2011
Bella Books
July 2011
264 pages

Carson Cartwright hasn’t seen her family for twelve years. After her mother died and her father basically threw her out because he blamed her for her mother’s death, she spent years pretending to be satisfied with one-night stands and her rich friends. Now her twin brother calls to tell her their father is dying and their brothers are running their family ranch into the ground.

When Carson reluctantly returns home, she meets Kerry Elder, who is just starting her own consulting business and wants to convince Carson’s brothers to turn the ranch into a guest ranch.

Both feel a connection from the start, but Kerry is straight – or so she thinks – and one of Carson’s brothers has his eye on her.

“Storms” is a solid romance with good editing. Some things could have been explored more deeply, for example, Carson never really has a long conversation with her brothers and all the old feelings and resentments are never resolved.

At times, it was hard to keep her brothers apart, because their names were too similar (Cody, Colt, Chase, and Chance) and we don’t see enough of them to give them distinct personalities.

Otherwise, the book provides a few hours of entertainment.


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