Review — “Damaged in Service” by Barrett

September 4, 2011
Affinity e-book Press
July 2011
250 pages

39-year-old Special Agent Zeke Cabot has a lot going on. She just wrapped up an undercover assignment, investigating the murders of homeless people in Chicago. While she managed to catch the killer, she was injured and is now experiencing symptoms of PTSD. On top of that, she’s also worrying about her mother who shows early signs of Alzheimer’s.

She retreats to New Mexico for a vacation, but bad luck seems to follow her when she gets hurt in a hiking accident.

Anne Reynolds, a local nurse, finds Zeke and takes care of her injuries. Even though Anne is straight and has been hurt by her ex-husband, she starts falling in love with Zeke.

What I like about “Damaged in Service” is that falling in love doesn’t instantly solve all problems. Both Zeke and Anne have insecurities and issues that threaten to keep them apart, but both are willing to work on being together.

I also enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of New Mexico.

At times, there almost seemed too much going on (Zeke working undercover, a good friend and colleague being killed, the sting operation in Paris, terrorist connections, the hiking accident, an attack), but I appreciated the author taking the time to develop the relationship between the two women.

I noticed several editing issues in the book, including incorrect punctuation of dialogue.

This book, number one in a series, doesn’t have a resolution, so I’ll reserve final judgment until I’ve read the next book and see how the author wraps up the different storylines.



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