photos of Langeoog

July 25, 2011

I just returned from my vacation on Langeoog, an island in the North Sea (Langeoog means “long island”). Yes, Germany has islands. 🙂

The landscape is truly beautiful. Often times, I just wanted to sit down in one of those beautiful spots and write for hours.

Since I shared photos of southern Germany before, I thought I would post a slideshow of Langeoog so that you can see for yourself how different northern Germany and the East Frisian Islands look:



  1. Hi Jae,

    Nice pix – and what a beautiful area! It reminds me of the Pacific Northwest (U.S.) Thank you for sharing your vacation photos.

    Do you go on vacation to write or to get away from writing? You said you wanted to sit in the dunes to write for hours, but did you…? 😉

    • I wanted to sit in the dunes and write, but I didn’t get around to it, because there was so much to see and so many beautiful places to visit.

      I actually didn’t get any writing done while I was on the island, but I did a bit of beta reading on the beach.

  2. Good! I’m eagerly awaiting True Nature, but not at the expense of the author. Vacations (real, non-working ones…) are good for the heart/mind/soul. All of which a good writer needs aplenty. 😉

    • Thanks for being so understanding. Some time away from writing can be a good thing.

  3. Wow, not a mountain in site.Very peaceful, and beautiful. How ever did you get some of those Seals? to pose for you?
    And no writing done, for shame!. Good for you, enjoyed your vacation, reading relaxing, sightseeing.
    Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

    • Compared to southern Germany, the north is very flat. The Melkhorn Dune (18 meters) is the highest elevation on Langeoog.

      The seals were resting on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea, and I took the photos from onboard a ship.

  4. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

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