Winter in southern Germany

January 12, 2011

We actually had a white Christmas this year, so I thought I’d share a few photos.

And here’s how my corner of the world looks without all the snow:



  1. Such lovely pictures! Wow! This is so beautiful in all seasons! Thank you!

  2. Very Jealous! Hope you get the time to enjoy this scenery often.

  3. The images are just beautiful. They remind me of a place in Switerzland I went once with friends. For the calling of the cows festival. I want to say somewhere in the Canton of Valais.

    Here is a link to some different photos. An old mining ghost town in CA. Just a few wagons, a school house,
    and dwelling. No ghost towns from Oregon yet. Ignore the other photos 🙂

    Ole wagon,Calico CA.

    I do hope you write more in this vein. When I was younger I read Louis L Lamour and Zane Grey.
    My dad was a big old west fanatic, and I read anything I could get my hands on back then.
    I like yours better.

    • I actually live in the most southwestern corner of Germany, just an hour or so away from the Swiss border, so it’s no wonder the images remind you of Switzerland.

      Thanks for the link to the photos. I grew up reading about the old West too, and I still read every lesbian western or historical fiction I can get my hands on. I might write another one in the future.

  4. […] I shared photos of southern Germany before, I thought I would post a slideshow of Langeoog so that you can see for yourself how […]

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