contest winners

October 26, 2010

A few days ago, I posted a contest in which I had you guess the most read blog in April 2010.

A lot of people participated (thank you!), and to my amazement, most people thought the most read blog post was “Cultural difference 13: table etiquette.”

While that was a blog post that received a lot of comments, it wasn’t the most read.

Neither was “It takes a village,” as many people thought.

The most read blog post in April was… tatatata… “Puzzled by reader feedback.”

That post still gets a lot of hits every day. I still get feedback like the e-mails/reviews that puzzled me in April, so I’m glad that people are still reading what I said about it back then.

The first four people who guessed correctly were Nanc, Deb, Amy, and iamnoip. Please contact me via e-mail (jae_s1978 AT yahoo.de) and let me know which book you want.

For the rest of you, I promise to do something like this again once my newest novel, Hidden Truths, comes out.


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