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September 22, 2010

My publisher, L-Book, offers a free short story sequel to Second Nature.

The title of the short story is Babysitter Material. Some of you might have already discovered it on my Web site, but now you can download it as a free e-book (epub, mobipocket, or Adobe pdf).

If you haven’t read Second Nature or any of the other short stories, you could still read Babysitter Material, but I suspect you’ll enjoy it more if you have read the previous stories.

Here‘s the correct chronological order (top to bottom).




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  2. I’m not seeing the order of stories, as mentioned in the blog. I’m psyched to read the story. “Second Nature” is a fantastic book!

    • If you click on the link, you should be redirected to my Web site and see the covers of my novels and short stories.

      For each of my series, the stories are sorted into chronological order from top to bottom.

      But just in case, here’s the order:

      1. Second Nature (novel-length)
      2. Bonding Time (short story, only available with the novel, since it includes a spoiler)
      3. Coming to Dinner (free short story)
      4. Babysitter Material (free short story)

      1. Conflict of Interest (novel)
      2. Next of Kin (novel)
      3. Change of Pace (free short story)

      1. Backwards to Oregon (novel)
      2. Grasping at Straws (free short story; actually a prequel, but I still suggest reading BTO first)
      3. A Rooster’s Job (free short story)
      4. The Art of Pretending (free short story; this one is a bit longer and actually a spin-off)

      You can find all the novels and stories at http://l-book.com

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