body language: romantic touch

September 7, 2010

As a relationship progresses from strangers to lovers, touching becomes more frequent, more body parts become accessible to touch, and the type of touch changes.

You might be familiar with Morris’s sequence of intimacy. Morris proposes twelve steps of growing intimacy in relationships:

  1. Eye-to-body: glancing at each other to assess attractiveness
  2. Eye-to-eye: establishing mutual interest through eye contact and smiling
  3. Voice-to-voice: first conversation
  4. Hand-to-arm/hand-to-hand: these are usually casual, non-romantic touches
  5. Arm-to-shoulder or side-to-side contact: this could still be a friendly, non-romantic embrace
  6. Arm-to-waist contact: a more intimate kind of embrace
  7. Mouth-to-mouth: kissing
  8. Hand-to-head: caressing the neck and face.
  9. Hand-to-body: more intimate caresses
  10. Mouth-to-breast
  11. Hand-to-genitals
  12. Genitals-to-genitals or mouth-to-genitals

If a person tries to skip a step, he or she might be seen as taking things too fast.



  1. I don’t have a word to say. Ha! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for faithfully reading and commenting!

  2. waw, it seems I shouldn’t keep my hopes too high: he did indulge in long (more than 10 seconds) eye-to-eye contacts – during an office meeting, and as he was leaving – he had to leave earlier than the rest of us, passing by the back of my chair, he caressed my upper arm. It was the first time we met, it happened 2 days ago..

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