cultural difference 27: dogs

May 27, 2010

In Germany, dogs are welcome almost anywhere. If the dogs are well-behaved, they’re allowed in cafés and restaurants. Some restaurant owners even bring them a bowl of water.

Dogs aren’t allowed in stores that sell fresh food, though, including grocery stores. These stores often have a sign that says dogs have to stay outside, and you’ll often see a dog waiting in front of a store for his owner to return.



  1. That’s true. I lived in Germany for a year back in 2001 and I used to go to an Internet-cafe to keep in touch with my friends. The owner of the cafe had two lovely Schnautzer dogs (at least, that’s how we call this breed in Russian, I’m not sure if it’s the same in Inglish). I’ll tell you, a good half of the attendants of the cafe would spend half of their time, playing with the happily running around dogs, and the other half – at the computers! Now though, as I live in Cyprus, there’s not even one place, actually, where you would see a dog, except for the parks. That’s a pity, ’cause dogs are so much fun and positive energy!

    • These dogs are called Schnauzer in German too. I think it is a German breed.

      The name probably comes from the moustache-like fur in their faces. “Schnauzer” also means “moustache” in German.

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