cultural difference 25: computer keyboards

May 22, 2010

German keyboards have the QWERTZ layout, just as most other Central European keyboards. It’s jokingly referred to as a “kezboard.”

The arrangement of keys makes sense, because German has few words with a “Y.” The “Z” is needed much more often. Also, we have many words that have a “tz” sound, e.g., Katze (= cat), so it makes sense that the T and the Z appear next to each other on the keyboard.

Oh, by the way, the above is a picture of my keyboard. I sent many a keyboard to the Eternal Scrapyard when the letters wore off the keys, so now I finally bought a keyboard with laser-etched (and back-lit) keys.



  1. Wow that is interesting. We use the qwerty keyboard here in Australia.

  2. I think except for some European countries, the qwerty keyboard is used all over the world.

    For English-speaking countries, it just makes more sense.

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