cultural difference 23: ring binders

May 18, 2010

One of my critique partners recently mentioned that she keeps a three-ring binder that helps keep track of things like her characters’ eye colors, etc.

Wait a minute, I thought. THREE-ring binder?

I looked it up and found out that binders in the US are different from German ones. In Germany, we have two-ring binders.

They have a hole in the back of the file so that you can pull it from the shelf more easily and an opening mechanism that looks a bit complicated at first sight. I hear the whole system is called “lever arch file.”

Here’s how it works:

By the way, did you know that ring binders were invented in Germany?



  1. Wow – Jae as a director and main character of a movie.
    Or is the ring binder the main character?
    And is Jae the secondary character?
    And now – could I please have a movie that explains to me what a three-ring binder is?



  2. I’d say the ring binder was the main character.
    I was the writer, director, and executive producer of this Oscar-worthy production 🙂

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